Kernel Flux is a turnkey magnetoencephalography (MEG) platform for creating live high-speed images of the brain activity underlying emotion, attention, memory, ​and learning​. After testing at world-class academic sites, Flux will be available to institutions that might otherwise pursue existing MEG systems.

Flux allows you to be in a comfortable environment, with natural head motion, seeing brain activity at the speed of neurons in real-time across the entire cortex.

Damien Maloney for Bloomberg Businessweek

Kernel Flux technology

The system is built around a revolutionary sensor architecture that enables a comfortable range of participant motion during real-time noninvasive brain imaging.
Alkali vapor sensors
Detector channels
200 Hz
Neural signal bandwidth

How does it work?

Kernel Flux uses an array of alkali vapor sensors (optically-pumped magnetometers or OPMs) to directly detect the magnetic fields generated by collective neural activity in the brain. These sensors are able to detect the...
extremely small changes in magnetic fields resulting from a brain’s intrinsic electrical activity, across the whole head, and in comfortable environments.
Why OP-MEG? In contrast to electrical signals, the magnetic signature of neural activity directly exits through the skull and scalp without distortion.
Kernel Flux combines the leading edge of several technologies: microfabricated alkali vapor cells, semiconductor lasers, compact optics, high dynamic range real-time control systems, and low-noise electronics. Each Kernel Flux OP-MEG system was designed from the ground up to work as an integrated system optimized around the user’s experience for extended periods of time — allowing researchers to capture brain recordings while users watch movies while reclining, during conversation, or while interacting with technology.
Kernel Flux has not yet been evaluated for clinical performance of use, accuracy, reliability, or effectiveness, and has not been validated for any particular use. For research use only. Not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.
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