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Flow Serial Number 1 ships! Stay tuned for the unboxing.

Flow 50 Sneak Peek - Ep. 3

 Kernel And Aim Lab Partner To Introduce Brain-Computer Interface To Esports

Forbes Metaverse Weekly

Linking computers to human minds has long been a staple of science fiction. But now it's closer to reality, with huge implications for healthcare, technology, and even the future of the species.

This Life-Changing Technology Is All In Your Head

Who’s in Flow 50?

Flow 50 Partner Update

Kernel And Statespace Partner, Bridging New Era For Gaming, Professional Esports, And Brain-computer Interfaces

Pong? Kernel and Aim Lab partner to bring BCIs to eSports

Bryan Johnson joins Soft Robotics Podcast to discuss Kernel's Non-Invasive Brain Computer Interface with Marwa ElDiwiny.

Soft Robotics Podcast: Bryan Johnson + Kernel's Non-Invasive Brain Computer Interface

Bryan Johnson, who made a fortune in online payment processing, has spent a lot of it building hardware meant to radically expand science’s understanding of the brain’s aging and effects on the body.

Can a $110 Million Helmet Unlock the Secrets of the Mind?

“Lex, what goes through a potato’s brain?” “What kind of nuts do academics eat?” Jokes our CEO told Lex Fridman while wearing Kernel Flow...

Lex Fridman Podcast #186 | Bryan Johnson: Kernel Brain-Computer Interfaces

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