Flow 50 Sneak Peek - Ep. 1

We recently announced our initial research and commercial partnerships for Kernel Flow, a full-head coverage, TD-fNIRS system—the first high-quality, scalable brain imaging system of its kind. Partners will receive Kernel Flow devices in Q1 and Q2 of 2021. 

The heart of Kernel Flow is the module with a laser diode in the center and six detectors. When tiled across and around the head, the detectors will collect over 1 billion photons per second, a 1,000x improvement over existing commercial systems. We have been busy assembling all the modules in our Kernel facilities—over 2500 modules in total! Here is a sneak peak of Kernel Flow’s in-house assembly. We will be providing more videos, breakdowns, and insights in the coming weeks and months. 

The fun is about to begin. Stay tuned.

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