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Hello Kernel Customers,

Today we are expanding the Kernel ecosystem with Community, a home for example datasets, tutorials, Q&A, release notes, and tips for getting the most out of Kernel Flow’s hardware and software tools:

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Many of the first requests from Flow 50 customers are about unlocking every last photon from Flow. Some examples: How can we best utilize the world’s first time domain, whole-head fNIRS system? Can Flow be easily integrated with consumer VR headsets? Can we use Flow during a walk/run/Peloton session? 

And some are more technical: How does source reconstruction work on the Kernel Portal? How can real-time, source-localized time series data be routed into an external application? What can we extract from Flow’s 100x photon count relative to other time-domain systems? When do you expect your absolute oxygenation measures to be ready? Is a 200x increase in sampling rate too fast? Should we redesign our tasks to optimize for Flow? 

We hear you. Flow is engineered for the future of brain imaging and we are proud to give our partners a sneak peak into the future, today. We are in this together.

At Community, we will continue to add more examples and updates and encourage you all to ask questions and let us know what is most helpful to you. Everyone with a Kernel account can login to the Community website.

Once you login, you can sign up for notifications to be alerted to any new posts that fall into your categories of interest. We hope that this will be a valuable resource for the entire community as we collectively work to do amazing things.

We look forward to your participation and feedback.

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