Kernel and Cybin partner to chart new course in Psychiatry

Today, Kernel announced our first commercial technology partnership with Cybin, a Toronto-based life sciences and biotech company exploring the promise of psychedelic and novel pharmaceutical therapies for mental health and well being. The combination of Cybin’s innovative molecular discovery and clinical study pipelines and our revolutionary Kernel Flow devices will give Cybin the tools to better analyze the effect of psychedelic therapy on the brain, enabling both personalized treatment protocols with improved safety and efficacy and increased returns on novel molecule discovery.

Kernel Flow is groundbreaking neurotechnology because it reduces loud, expensive and room-sized equipment to a head-worn apparatus while providing neural activity data of the highest possible optical quality. This combination has never existed in such a commercial and scalable device, all factors for why brain interfaces and neuroimaging technology has largely remained in academic labs or hospital basements and why mental health diagnosis and treatment have behavioral, instead of biomarker, endpoints. 

Most exciting to me personally is the opportunity to begin exploring a new era of rigorous quantification of the brain and mind before, during and after a psychedelic experience. More broadly, these studies are the beginnings of graduating the way we approach the care of our mental health and wellness from subjective self-reporting to longitudinal, quantitative measurements of brain activity, diagnosis, and clinical insight. I think often about what it would be like if a cardiologist acted mostly on their patient’s body language and self report on how their heart was “feeling” instead of looking at the results of the EKG, blood panel, MR, or blood pressure. Yet this is largely how we deal with our mental health and wellness today—without the rigorous numbers to know what’s really going on. 

We are in the earliest of days for understanding the brain and both Kernel and Cybin are pioneering the technology and tools needed to map the inner and outer territories of ourselves and our cognition. The horizons of our shared future will be defined not by what we know today but what we will discover tomorrow.

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