Pong? Kernel and Aim Lab partner to bring BCIs to eSports

LOS ANGELES, CA — July 6, 2021 — Today, Kernel is announcing its second commercial partnership, with Statespace, publisher of Aim Lab. With over 16 million players globally, Aim Lab is an industry leader in performance optimization and training for eSports and video gaming. The combination of Kernel’s groundbreaking neurotechnology and Aim Lab’s competitive user base is the ideal partnership to leverage Kernel’s brain-computer interface (BCI) for quantified performance enhancement.  

"What's measured is improved, and Kernel is making brain measurement mainstream,” said Kernel founder Bryan Johnson. “Pairing Kernel Flow with Aim Lab opens a new frontier of learning and mental optimization.”

60e4834c5c320527885cbc69 kernel x aimlab option3 Kernel Flow reimagines million dollar, room-sized brain-imaging systems into a helmet which captures high-fidelity neural activity from across the entire cortex at record-breaking spatial and temporal resolutions. Flow’s combination of ease and signal quality has never existed previously in such a scalable, non-invasive BCI device, enabling Aim Lab players real-time access to their brain data which can be used to measure, quantify, and improve performance.  

“My focus with Aim Lab has always been the ways in which we can understand and quantify the relationship between brain function and in-game performance, and how that knowledge can be used for improvement," said Dr. Wayne Mackey, founder of Statespace. "So our partnership with Kernel is a perfect fit. We’re looking forward to utilizing their cutting-edge hardware to expand our understanding of what human minds look like when playing games at a high level, and ultimately using that understanding to push the boundaries of what people think is even possible." 

The partnership will be marked by an upcoming event during which Kernel Flow will be worn by professional gamers while playing and training with Aim Lab. Details coming soon.


About Kernel

Kernel’s full-stack team of engineers, physicists, and neuroscientists built two new revolutionary non-invasive brain interfaces that enable measuring the mind as easy as your heartbeat—Kernel Flow and Flux. Kernel is making brain and mind measurement mainstream for the first time. Creating new opportunities for learning, performance enhancement and mental optimization. A new era is here; a journey inwards. Visit and follow

About Aim Lab

Founded by a team of neuroscientists, Aim Lab is the ultimate training platform for gamers of all levels, with over 16 million players around the globe. Designed to help all players reach peak performance, Aim Lab learns your strengths and weaknesses and challenges you with custom exercises that reward commitment and optimize gains. Train your aim for free at aimlab.gg. Follow Aim Lab on Discord, Instagram, and Twitter.

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