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Understanding psychedelic neuro effects

Psychedelics are emerging as an effective possible treatment for those suffering from treatment resistant depression. We partnered with Cybin to evaluate if Kernel Flow could be used to measure patients undergoing doses of ketamine, which is often used off-label as part of psychedelic assisted therapies. Kernel Flow was easily used in a clinical setting and was able to record signatures of how the brain function changes during the administration of Ketamine.



Flow can measure neuro effects longitudinally (weeks or months)

Graphs illustrating brain connectivity.
Data Rich

Data Rich

Flow can robustly measure a ketamine induced state

Graphs showing baseline brain activity and brain activity 7-11 days after receiving Ketamine.
Safe & Reliable

Safe & Reliable

Flow can be worn during an altered state of consciousness

Graph showing functional connectivity.
Kernel Flow is here…

Precision neuroscience has needed a hi-res tool that quickly and easily collects robust brain data at scale. After five years of development, we built Kernel Flow: with quick set up times, Flow gathers both EEG data and full-head coverage fMRI-like data from the cortex. We are currently using Kernel Flow to develop new neuro-based clinical biomarkers.

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