Our Vision

Founded in 2016 by Bryan Johnson, Kernel's team of world-class engineers, neuroscientists, and physicists have built unparalleled technology for noninvasively measuring the brain and building biomarkers.

Kernel Flow allows for natural head motion, a wide variety of stimuli and peripherals, various natural environments, and user interaction, making it the first scalable technology that can achieve research-grade neuroimaging quality.

Our mission is to use our proprietary technology to accelerate treatment discovery, improve patient outcomes, and transform precision neuromedicine.

Our Team

Ryan Field, Ph.D.


Ph.D & M.S. in Electrical Engineering, from Columbia
Former head of ASIC engineering at Quanergy and biosensing research scientist at Intel. Specialties in time-of-flight measurements and imaging.

Katherine Perdue, Ph.D.

Director, Applied Neuroscience

Dartmouth Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Research Associate at Boston Children's Hospital with specialties in computational modeling for diffuse optics, neuroimaging, signal processing, data analysis, and scientific communication.

Julien Dubois, Ph.D.

Director, Analysis

Ph.D from Caltech, Research Scientist at Cedars-Sinai with specialty in developing machine learning pipelines to predict individual differences from fMRI data.

Natalie Green

VP, Business Development

Background in medical devices and business development. Former BD Executive at Becton Dickinson, experience at Medtronic and CareFusion.

Gabriel Lerner

VP, Software

Former Chief Architect and VP of Engineering across B2B and B2C companies. Specialty in deep hands-on knowledge along the whole software stack.

Jason Johnson


Former CFO at Braintree, CFO & Head of Corp Development at Motion Global and experience at TNT & Deloitte