Our Vision

Kernel was founded in 2016 with the objective to improve the way we measure the brain. We evaluated every neuroimaging modality for utility, scalability, ease-of-use, and technical readiness. In 2018, Kernel's team of world-class engineers and scientists began developing a technology called time-domain functional near-infrared spectroscopy, which became our first hardware product - Kernel Flow.

Flow allows for natural head motion, real-world measurements, and large scale data collection while maintaining research-grade neuroimaging quality.

We have built a software and services platform around our core hardware technology and are now on a mission to accelerate treatment discovery, improve patient outcomes, and transform neuromedicine with precision biomarkers.


Partner With Us

Together, we can revolutionize precision neuromedicine.

As the leader in non-invasive neuroimaging, Kernel believes in data-driven development and scalable technology. Our brain-based biomarkers, action-focused solutions, and reliable data can empower and accelerate your goals. Transform the future of neuromedicine today by partnering with us.

Better data.
Better brains.